Ringing Room

Following the worldwide shut-down of normal ringing, there’s a brand new program being developed, called Ringing Room which allows people in different places to ring together.

Combined with some conferencing system (Zoom is one of the most popular) to allow chat, it is possible to run an online ringing session. It is certainly not easy!  Six of us, who between us have clocked up some 250 peals or more have finally achieved a plain course of Bob Minor!

The participants need to be able to talk together as well as use the ringing room software.  It needs to be arranged properly, just like a proper practice in a real tower.  Yes, it’s “social media” but it is also a genuine meeting with an agreed time and place.

What follows are a few instructions with screenshots that might help you to get started.

Go to ringingroom.com   You’ll see a screen like this:Ringing Room Log inYou need to put in the tower ID – which you’ll be given when the session is set up.  You’ll then be asked to add your name.  Any identifier is OK – but you need to be sensible.  It’s not helpful if it doesn’t indicate quite clearly just who you really are!

Once you are in  the room, you’ll see your name on the left.  (Notice that I’m in there all on my own!)
You can ring a bell by clicking on it.
Or by pressing the appropriate number key on your keyboard.
Or by pressing the space bar – for the bell at the bottom right (marked in red).Ringing ChamberRinging Room itself is easily accessible  You can type any tower name you like (invent one!) and play yourself.  To ring with others will need some organisation…