A First Quarter

A first quarter for some ringers can be, frankly, a bit of a chore, coaxing along a nervous, wobbly ringer.

But not yesterday!

Jane, Angus, Ed, David, Chris and Ed

Angus rang the treble to a good quarter peal, striking his bell, unfazed by the occasional trip by the other ringers, (who should know better!)  In an attempt to keep things simple, we rang a slightly longer than necessary touch, but we didn’t need to have bothered.  Angus would have rung through anything!

11 year-old Angus is the first of our bunch of five ex-MiniRingers to step up to the mark for a quarter peal and now qualifies as a full member of the Yorkshire Association.  I expect George will come next (he covered well to some Stedman after the quarter peal).  Alfie, Oliver and Otis will follow soon.

And then one with them all in?  That’ll be a big, big ask!