Ringing at St Andrew’s

We’re a cheerful lot at St Andrews!  We started to ring as a band on April 2nd 2017 with two experienced ringers and a lot of new starters.  With a good deal of help from the Western Branch, we’ve made pretty good progress and are now welcoming new members, both adults and young people.

Our young ringers come from the Kildwick MiniRingers.  They’re a group from our church Primary School who do all sorts of bell-related activities in an after-school club.  This year, all six of the Leavers rang rounds on the church bells for their end of term service!

The MiniRingers have their own set of pages on the site.

Ringing Times

See here for our normal ringing times


Visitors are always welcome – and we do have one significant selling point!  We are one of the only six (I think) towers left with a complete set of Yorkshire Tail Ends.  Don’t be put off…  Our new ringers have more difficulty, transferring to a tradidional tail end than our visitors do, getting to grips with the “double sallie”.

If you’re an individual or small group, then come along to our practices.  You’ll have worked out that we’re not likely to be ringing Surprise Major – but we do still rely on visitors to provide a reliable band to allow our members to develop their skills at a more modest level.

If you are organising a tour, you’re welcome too!  Ringing is welcomed in the village (the complaints come on days we don’t ring!) and so we can be fairly flexible to fit your schedule.  Contact Chris Wright initially.