MiniRingers Mail

I’ll try to keep this page up to date with emails sent out.  It appears that not all people are getting the emails!  I am looking into setting up a WhatsApp group that may be more successful.  If you are a MiniRinger parent or carer, please contact me if I’ve not already contacted you…

Sent 17th January:

Dear all,

A bit of housekeeping, really…

First of all, one or two of you seem to be not receiving these mails.  I’ll do a paper note for the children to bring home next week, asking for feedback but, it would be a help to me if you could reply to me, just to let me know you received this mail.

Second, someone (not actually a MiniRinger) was asking about our policy with emails for the young ringers.  It’s fairly simple:
We don’t hold any email addresses for any of the MiniRingers and don’t engage with them at all by email or any other electronic means.
We DO have email addresses for the young ringers who have left Kildwick School.  Group mails can go to them – and they are welcome to email me.  Any response I make goes either to the group mailing address or to both the child and at least one carer.  It will never be addressed to the child alone.

Third (most important)  Welcome to Orla!  We had a space, so Orla joined us this week.  She did really well in a strange environment – and there’s great joy from Erin that she’s no longer the youngest!

Fourth…  The church is chilly.  (That’s a polite term for it.)  While we do have the option of using the upstairs part of the Parish Rooms, there is barely room for us up there – and certainly not for us to run two separate groups.  I have bought myself a really good warm hoodie, specifically for use in church.  Can you please make sure that they have something warm to wear – and also encourage them to wear it!  There are one or two who like to ditch anything warm and spend an hour, shivering in shirtsleeves!

Finally,  just a reminder that the Music Festival is held in the week beginning 9th March.  We’ll probably be on at 1.30.  I’ve entered four separate performances – they are all involved in the tune ringing;  they will compete among themselves in two change ringing pieces and then join together for a big finale.

With best wishes