Some Resources

We’ll not be ringing the bells for a while.  Despite the claim that it’s so cold in Kildwick’s tower that no germ could survive, it would be foolhardy, I fear!

Just to keep the campanological brain cell ticking over, there will be a few ringing-related activities on this page.  Tackle any that take your fancy.  If there’s something that you’re stuck with, then get in touch with Chris who’ll do his best to set you on the right path…
These are listed on the Belfry Brains page.

The Central Council of Church Bellringing (there’s a snappy title!) has produced a playlist on YouTube with with 25 different videos about bellringing. It’s probably two or three hours-worth and it looks like a good selection.
You can see them all here.

Some of the exercises on Belfry Brains involve writing things out on squared paper.  If you’ve got a printer available, you can download a file to print.  It is nothing very magical.  you can either use squared paper of your own – or even find a ruler and pencil and draw it out yourself!
Download some Squared Paper here.