A puzzle

The following was printed in this week’s Ringing World.  It may appeal to some!  The first question is quite easy.  The second and third involve knowing a bit about Plain Bob.

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Who rang what?

We started with six ringers at our six-bell practice.

Ben is recovering from an injury so can’t ring the 4, 5 or 6.
Emma and Charles started recently and are fine on covering and call changes.
Emma, unlike Charles, can also plain hunt well, but neither rings inside to methods.

Ann, Donna and Frank all arrived together, and we decided to start with some call changes.
Emma is learning to call, so she was asked to call them (‘up’, in our tower).“1 to 2”, “1 to 3” went OK, but at “4 to 5” there was a scrunch.

Luckily Ann, perhaps because she was then following the bell that had gone wrong, quickly pointed out that the caller had failed to follow her own instruction to move up!
Having got that sorted we had to stop because Frank was staring so intently at Charles, whom he was following, that Charles had a fit of giggles and totally failed to lead at the right time.

Who was ringing which bell?

We then regrouped, all of us except Frank moving to a different bell, and we tried a touch of Plain Bob Doubles.
Ann called a 120.
Donna hasn’t learnt Bobs yet, so Ann kept Donna unaffected, calling a Bob at the first lead-end.

Who was ringing which bell?

Greg then arrived, so we decided to ring a plain course of Plain Bob Minor.
Frank is a bit of a stick-in-the-mud and elected to stay where he was, but some of the rest of the us changed bells.
It went pretty well though Greg had to tell Frank “lead after me” when Frank got a bit lost, and Donna made rather a mess of her dodge with Ben at the second lead-end.

Who was ringing which bell?

(The answer will be added here next week)