Welcome to the MiniRingers

The following is a welcome letter, written to the new “Class of ’19” MiniRingers.

Dear all,

Welcome to the 2019 MiniRingers group. We have 12 participants; all six of last year’s lot are carrying on, so they can’t be thinking it was too awful!

I like to use this Google Group as my main point of contact with you all. Could you please drop me a line just to say that you received it? If you’d like me to use a different address – or an extra one, then let me know and I’ll add that to the list. There is also information at times on the Kildwick Ringers website <kildwickringers.org.uk> and on Facebook; @KildwickRingers Do “like” us there!

We’ll be meeting for our first session this Thursday. I’ll meet them in the playground straight after school. We’ll be in church – access is through the door at the West End under the tower. They should be ready to collect at 4.30pm. If they go to Club, we’ll deliver them there at the end.

They will have some paperwork with them – so ask for it!

Best wishes
Chris Wright