The Bells

Kildwick’s bells

The bells at St Andrew’s were cast by Taylor’s during one of their halcyon days – in 1914.

They are a 15cwt ring of eight, hung on a standard Taylor’s low-sided cast iron frame with Hastings stays.  The inscriptions on the middle six include facsimiles of those on the previous six bells, cast in 1780.

No. Weight Frequency Note Diameter
1 3-2-0 1416.0 F 25.00″
2 3-3-23 1335.0 E 26.00″
3 4-1-23 1189.0 D 28.00″
4 5-1-13 1062.0 C 30.38″
5 6-3-22 944.0 Bb 33.38″
6 8-1-9 890.0 A 35.25″
7 10-2-1 794.0 G 38.88″
8 15-1-18 708.0 F 44.13″

The bells are magnificent.  It is a shame that the same cannot be said for the ringing chamber!  This is (currently, at least) on the ground floor and, with a poorly-fitting West door combined with a ceiling some 30ft high make it impossible to heat adequately in winter.  It is, however, pleasant on a balmy summer’s day to ring with the door wide open and welcoming to the many passers-by.

There are significant discussions about the future development of the whole church building.  Till they are a good deal further advanced, thoughts of redecoration are somewhat premature.

We are one of the few (6 at the last count) towers to use a full set of Yorkshire tail-ends.  These are like a short and thin extra sallie at the tail end, rather than the more usual looped-back rope.  We are proud of our tail ends!  We keep them for historical reasons despite the extra cost and the need for a large stock of boxes for different-shaped ringers but we find that they are no harder to ring with than standard tail ends!  Do come and try them out!