Belfry Brains

Here is an index page to the Belfry Brains sheets that I’m writing while the bell ropes are hung up.  They are arranged chronologically – and that’t the way to tackle them.  Although they don’t follow directly, like chapters in a book, later sheets will rely on work done in earlier ones.

I want to encourage feed-back – at least from the Kildwick Young Ringers for whom these are primarily intended.  You know my email address.  Use it!

30th March
Lapping.  A bit more activity this week – and a gentle introduction to an old Victorian parlour game.

23rd March
Place Notation.  A way to describe a method in a simple line of numbers.

18th March
A gentle start.  Involves the writing out of Plain Bob Minor on squared paper – and includes a link to download that paper!  This grid of numbers will be useful later.