Ringing Times

Ringing times are just a bit complicated…

Thursdays are easy:

We ring from 7.30pm on almost every Thursday through the year before attending our weekly Committee Meeting in the White Lion pub, just outside the church gates

When we have new ringers (we try to make that a fairly permanent state of affairs!), then there is often a handling practice from 6.45pm (or maybe 7.00pm) that runs up to the main practice at 7.30pm.  We don’t publish these sessions as those who are involved should know about them.  Visitors are welcome, but this isn’t normally an open session.

Sundays are less regular:

The pattern of services at St Andrew’s is on a monthly cycle as follows:

First Sunday: Ringing at 10.15am for a Service at 11.00am

Second Sunday: Ringing from 9.00am for a Service at 9.30am
Members of the band are encouraged to move on to ring at St Andrew’s, Keighley

Third Sunday:  No services at Kildwick, so no ringing. 
Unless, of course, it is a major Feast Day, when there might be!

Fourth Sunday:  Ringing at 10.15am for a Service at 11.00am

Fifth Sunday:  The morning service in the parish rotates around the three church buildings.  Various Feast Days may intervene, so “Unpredictable” is the word.

If in doubt, contact Chris (see the Contacts page) for the current state of play.