Another certificate for the board…

Well… we arrived and rang.  We were always going to be in what could kindly be termed, the “Foundation Places” – and so we were.  In the company of a load of seasoned experts, it couldn’t be otherwise.

But our MiniRingers still did brilliantly!  They held up their end in fine style – they rang as well as I’ve seen them ring and in no way were they “a miserable bottom”.  We listened to recordings of the four finallists and several folk said, “you were better than that!”

There were 16 bands in two heats – a total of 96 ringers.  If others did as we did and had a separate caller, then we may have cracked the 100 tally.  We couldn’t, sadly, hear the other bands.  Technology didn’t allow that.  The communal chat room was encouraging and there were several plaudits from others – and there was an invitation to the MiniRingers to join the Brumdingers – another young people’s band – in a joint practice.  We did that – and had a wonderful time, ringing for some of the time on 16 bells!

We are truly beginning to spread our wings…

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