On breaking a stay

Stays are the one part of a bell that are designed to break!  They are there to rest the bell when it is perched upside down and ready to ring – but they mustn’t be so strong that they would let anything more expensive break if the ringer pulls too hard.

They do say that, if a learner breaks a stay, it is the teacher/supervisor’s fault.  Last night, a stay was broken.  It was a learner.  I was the teacher.  But I want to ditch that word, “fault”. Stays are designed to break.  Last night, it all worked exactly as designed and, though it is a right pain to have to go out, make  a new one and refit it (especially in today’s weather!), that is how the system should work.

Bad luck, ****** (name suppressed to avoid shame!) – but that’s what happens.  You’ve learned something new!

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